Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices (Wiley Finance)

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Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices (Wiley Finance)
Michael M. Pompian
Type: eBook
Released: 2009
Page Count: 415
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470282312
ISBN-13: 9780470282311
From the Inside Flap Despite the downturn in financial markets, there are still a large number of ultra-affluent individuals and families across the globe. And in light of recent events, these clients-defined here as those having $50 million or more in liquid assets-need help on a variety of fronts. That's why author Michael Pompian, an experienced investment consultant in the private wealth arena, has created this timely guide. Advising today's ultra-affluent clients (UACs) and family offices requires solid investment knowledge and the skills to deal with "soft" issues such as family governance and philanthropy. Understanding this idea and integrating it into your professional endeavors will put you in a better position to serve your clients as well as excel in one of the most-dynamic segments of the financial services industry. Although targeted at financial practitioners, this book is also a valuable resource for families considering whether to establish or join a family office. Divided into four comprehensive parts, this thoughtful resource opens with an informative introduction to advising UACs, including a detailed discussion of which clients are considered "ultra-affluent" and an in-depth look at their attitudes, aspirations, and investment behavior. Part II outlines various investment strategies for UACs, examining the best practices of top investment organizations and reviewing many of the alternative investments available to UACs. Part III takes the time to outline the key aspects of advising multigenerational families-including selecting an adviser, considerations for creating a family office, selecting an investment vehicle structure, and wealth transfer. Part IV rounds out this extensive exploration of advising the ultra-affluent by covering special topics in advising UACs, such as family governance, equity risk management, philanthropy, asset protection, and developing a multigenerational asset allocation strategy. Working with the ultra-affluent has great upside potential, especially given the generational transition of wealth that is taking place globally. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to gain a fundamental understanding of both the investment and noninvestment issues that affect ultra-affluent clients. Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices contains the practical insights and expert advice that will allow readers to successfully navigate this complex field and effectively serve some of today's most sophisticated investors. From the Back Cover Praise for Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices "Michael Pompian's book Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices is noteworthy for its comprehensiveness. Michael combines 'the big picture' with detailed, prescriptive, and actionable strategies; advisers to wealthy families will receive a detailed understanding of how a quickly evolving landscape impacts their business and its implications for their clients."—John Benevides, President, Family Office Exchange "This book should be on the reading list of anyone who wants to be a full-fledged professional in our industry. Michael Pompian has wisely chosen to focus on practical descriptions and recommendations; in my view this is a great plus, as we need more educational resources in this field. Congratulations. The book is well worth reading."—Jean L.P. Brunel, CFA, Managing Principal, Brunel Associates, LLC "Ultra-affluent clients want information and advice integrated and in real time. So planning, investing, and measuring become a continuous process. This is very hard to do. Michael Pompian articulates a clear and insightful road map which outlines the process, components, and human factors needed to create a sustainable world-class wealth management program-both advisers and wealth owners would be wise to follow Michael's lead."—Stephen Martiros, founder, Summitas ( Managing Partner, CCC Alliance ( "As wealthy families become more globalized, their needs for wealth preservation and growth have become more complex and sophisticated in times of financial uncertainty. Michael Pompian has crafted an insightful and comprehensive guide for enhancing your own capabilities and awareness on how to advise the most demanding clients. A must-read for all financial advisers!"—Dr. Kurt Moosmann, MBA TEP CFP; cofounder and Managing Partner of Dara Capital Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland "Without incorporating the critical components of effective family governance and the awareness of generational and behavioral issues, families of wealth and their advisers are operating blind in their wealth management pursuits. Michael Pompian's book gives both advisers and family members essential insights for discovering the risk factors they must consider in today's environment and in finding the resources required to provide consummate solutions."—Lisa Gray, graymatter Strategies LLC, author of The New Family Office and Generational Wealth Management "Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices is a valuable 'handbook' that covers all the major areas of wealth management. While Mr. Pompian has written the book primarily for wealth advisers, Advising Ultra-Affluent Clients and Family Offices will provide invaluable insights to ultra-affluent individuals and families, particularly those who are thinking about setting up a family office or becoming clients of a multifamily office."—Paul R. Perez, CFA, Managing Director, Family Advisory Services, Northern Trust "I like the way Michael Pompian presents this material. It covers the waterfront with a clear, concise, and compelling treatment. This book will prove useful for family members and family office executives. I especially admire the multigenerational orientation."—Bradley G. Fisher, CEO, Springcreek Advisors LLC (Multi-Family Office), Corte Madera, California

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